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  • 25-76793-02R - DEX Cable for MC70 / MC75 / MC75A

25-76793-02R - DEX Cable for MC70 / MC75 / MC75A


  • Condition : New, OEM 
  • Spec : (OEM DEX CABLE, for use with Motorola Symbol MC70 / MC75A / MC75 Series Handhelds)
  • Part Number : 25-76793-02R
  • Includes : OEM DEX Cable.
  • Warranty : 6-Month Defect Warranty.
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DEX Cable for Symbol / Motorola MC70, MC75, MC75A Rugged Handhelds


Model:  25-76793-02R

Brand:  Motorola, Symbol, Zebra 

Alternate Part#:  25-76793-02, 25-76793-01R, 25-76793-01

Type:  DEX Cable, Dexing

For use with: MC70, MC-70, MC 70, MC7090, MC-7090, 7090, MC7094, MC-7094, 7094, MC7095, MC-7095, 7095, MC75, MC-75, MC 75, MC7596, MC-7596, 7596, MC7598, MC-7598, 7598, MC75A, 75A, MC-75A, MC75A0, 75A0, MC-75A0, MC75A6, 75A6, MC-75A6, MC75A8, MC-75A8, 75A8 Hand Held Barcode Scanners and Bar Code Readers.  Commonly utilized with vending industry software systems.

The Motorola MC70 mobile computer barcode scanner handheld series consists of the models MC7090 (WiFi), MC7094 (WiFi + GSM Cell), and MC7095 (WiFi + CDMA Cell), MC7004 (GSM Cell Only).  Often referred to as a dexing handheld due to it's popularity in the vending industry with DEX funtionality, the Symbol MC70 is a durable hand held wireless scanner with a cellular phone, PDA, computer, 1D or 2D bar code reader in a pocket-friendly body-style that's ready to be utilized rigorously - IP54 sealing means the MC 70 can withstand dust and moisture.  Battery capacity up to 4800mah for long-lasting usage.  Operating systems to choose from include Windows Mobile 5.0 Premium or Phone Edition, Windows Mobile 6.1 Classic or Premium.  GSM/EDGE and CDMA-EVDO compatibility support celular data connection and phone calls.  WiFi 802.11a/b/g wireless supports WPA2, WPA, WEP, TKIP, AES Encryptions, Web Browsing, VoIP support, connection to SQL database, and more.  Numeric or Qwerty keypads allow for easy data collection.  Standard SD Card Slot for expanded memory.

MC75 Handheld Scanner Mobile Computer Motorola MC75 wireless handheld brings barcode scanner, phone, GPS, Excel, email, messaging, push-to-talk, Windows Mobile 6.1, Windows Mobile 6.5 together into one mobile device for rigorous applications over WiFi, Cellular, and GPS. Barcode scanning for 1D barcodes, 2D barcodes, and camera for taking pictures as well as a Numeric keyboard or Qwerty keypboard to choose from.  Available with a 4800mAh extended life battery keeps your wireless handheld scanners running for hours, if not days.

MC75A Handheld Scanner Mobile Computer 75A EDA is a high performance handheld barcode scanner designed for rigorous applications over WiFi - MC75A0 or on the road over WiFi, Cellular, and GPS - MC75A8 and MC75A6.  806mHz of processing and 1GB of Flash memory on the Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.3 Operating System means that you can run applications smoothly including VoIP Push-To-Talk, VPN, Web Browser Inventory Applications, Healthcare, SQL Based, VMI, Vending, Warehouse Management, ERP, and a plethora of EDI barcode scanning infrastructures.  Barcode scanning for both 1D barcodes and 2D barcodes as well as a Numeric keyboard or Qwerty keypboard to choose from.  Available with a 4800mAh extended life battery keeps your wireless handheld scanners running for hours, if not days.

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List of Warranty Covered Defects :

Include, but not entirely limited to (because we’ve seen stranger things over the years)

  • - If device is stuck in boot screen.
  • - If device will not power up.
  • - Failed Ribbon Flex.
  • - Failed Barcode Scanner.
  • - Failed Touch-Screen.
  • - Failed Keypad, Keypad Buttons, or Trigger Buttons
  • - Failed Storage Card Slot.
  • - Failed USB Cable.
  • - Failed ability to detect Wifi Networks in-range (Wifi Adapter Unavailable Error)
  • - Failure to Charge.
  • - Failure to USB Communicate.


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