Motorola VC5090 Fork Lift Terminal and Barcode Scanners.

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The Motorola VC5090 Full Screen or Half Screen with Windows CE, Terminal Emulation, Remote Desktop Connection, .net framework, and Web Browser makes direct AIDC (automated identification and data capture) into your ERP or WMS system possible. When paired with the LS3408-ER Long Range Barcode Scanner or LS3578-ER cordless bluetooth long range scanners, your driver can scan barcodes without stepping off the fork-truck. Organize your Fork Trucks by giving real-time information to your logistics operation and inventory re-locations throughout your database. Shop online, call, or email if you need assistance with finding the right Symbol VC5090 wireless forklift computer and bar code scanner for you!

  • Product Configuration Part Number Guide: VC5090                        

WiFi Radio Option: VC50?X-XXXXXXXXXXX        
9 = WLAN a/b/g
Second Radio Option: VC509?-XXXXXXXXXXX        
0 = N/A            
Form Factor: VC50XX-?XXXXXXXXXX        
M = ForkLift / Vehicle / Fixed Mounted Industrial Computer        
Barcode Scanner: VC50XX-X?XXXXXXXXX        
A = N/A (LS3408 Sold Separately)    
WAN Carrier: VC50XX-XX?XXXXXXXX        
0 = N/A         
Display Type: VC50XX-XXX?XXXXXXX        
Q = Full Screen Color, Touch, 800x600, Heated
T = Half Screen Color, Touch, 800x320, Heated
Memory: VC50XX-XXXX?XXXXXX        
L = 64MB RAM / 192 MB Flash
M = 128 MB RAM / 192 MB Flash            
Keyboard: VC50XX-XXXXX?XXXXX        
0 = None
Q = Integrated QWERTY Keypad, IP66, heated, Backlit        
Operating System: VC50XX-XXXXXX?XXXX        
G = Windows CE 5.0 Professional            
Additional features: VC50XX-XXXXXXXX?XXX        
H6 = Voice (VoIP, voice picking), Audio and Bluetooth Support            
Country Designation: VC50XX-XXXXXXXXX?X        
W = Worldwide 24-48Vdc standard - not for use in 12V applications.
6 = Worldwide 12V Half Screen standard
7 = Worldwide 12V Full  Screen standard
RoHs Compliance: VC50XX-XXXXXXXXXX?        
W = Worldwide Standard
R = RoHS Compliance

The Symbol VC5090 is also known as the Motorola VC5090, Symbol Motorola VC5090, VC 5090, VC5090 Mobile Computer, VC5090 Vehicle Computer, VC5090 Fork-lift terminal, VC5090 Fork-lift Computer, VC5090 RF terminal.

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