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CRD9000-111SES (Power Assembly Included)


  • Condition : Professionally Refurbished
  • Spec : (1-Slot Cradle, Charging + USB Communicating with Spare Battery Charging Slot. For MC9XXX Series mobile scanners)
  • Includes : Power Supply, AC Line Cord, USB Cable.
  • Warranty : 6-Month Defect Warranty + Tech Support.
  • Compatibility : MC9200 (MC92N0), MC9190, MC9090, MC9060 Series Barcode Scanners.
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Motorola CRD9000-111SES Docking Station with Power Assembly, USB Active Sync Cradle 

For MC9XXX Series Mobile Wireless Barcode Scanners

Tested to ensure compliance with original manufacturer specifications.


Model:  CRD9000-1000

Brand:  Motorola, Symbol, Zebra 

Alternate Part#:  CRD9000-1001SR, CRD90001001SR, SYM-CRD90001001SR, CRD9000-1001S, CRD9000-1000

Type:  Charger, Charging Cradle, USB programming dock, Docking Station 

The Motorola, Symbol, and Zebra series of wireless mobile computers, barcode scanners, bar code readers,handhelds, RF Devices, and Portable Data Terminals for inventory, ERP, WMS, and ecommerce order management systems for the warehouse, retail floor, and work place come with an extensive line of Cradles, Chargers, Docking Stations, Dex Cables, and accessories to keep your rugged scanner systems constantly charged, powered, and most importantly in production.  Shop online, call, or email if you need assistance with finding the right Chargers, Cradles, and Docking Stations for you!

Single Slot Serial/USB Cradle

CRD9000-1001SR, CRD9000-110SR, CRD9000-111SR, KIT-CRD9000-USB1ES
Cradle enables Serial or USB communication between the MC9000 and a host PC. The cradle also charges the
MC9000 with a standard battery and a standard spare battery stored in the cradle.
Includes power supply KT-14000-148R and AC line cord 23844-00-00R.

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List of Warranty Covered Defects :

Include, but not entirely limited to (because we’ve seen stranger things over the years)

  • - If device is stuck in boot screen.
  • - If device will not power up.
  • - Failed Ribbon Flex.
  • - Failed Barcode Scanner.
  • - Failed Touch-Screen.
  • - Failed Keypad, Keypad Buttons, or Trigger Buttons
  • - Failed Storage Card Slot.
  • - Failed USB Cable.
  • - Failed ability to detect Wifi Networks in-range (Wifi Adapter Unavailable Error)
  • - Failure to Charge.
  • - Failure to USB Communicate.


Bottomline, we are here to support you!