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Specs : (MC65 Rugged Handheld, 2D/1D Barcode Scanner, WiFi, Cellular Dual-Band GSM + CDMA, GPS, Bluetooth, Back-Shell Camera, Color-Touch VGA Display, 256MB/1GB, Numeric Keypad, Windows Embedded 6.5 (WEH 6.5), Audio)
Includes : Extended Battery (New) / Tethered Stylus / Wall Charger / Hand-Strap
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Motorola MC65 Handheld, 2D Barcode Scanner, Numeric Keyboard, Cellular, GPS, MC659B-PD0BAB00100


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Model:  MC65

Brand:  Motorola, Symbol, Zebra

Alt Id:  MC659B, MOT-MC659BPD0BAB00100, MC659B-PDOBAAOO1OO

Type:  Barcode Scanner, Data Collection Terminal, Bar Code Reader, Hand Held Scanner

Series:  MC-65

Wireless Connectivity:  Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g

Operating System:  Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.3, WEH 6.5, Windows Mobile

Scanner Type:  Industrial Barcode Scanner

The Motorola MC65 is a rugged 1D, 2D, and QR Code handheld wireless barcode scanner with Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 Operating System, GPS, WiFi, and real un-locked Cellular capability for any network on earth - the dual-band cell radio allows you to toggle between CDMA cell carriers and GSM global cell carriers.  Standard memory of 512MB RAM/1GB Flash and accessible microSD card slot for up to 32GB creates the space required to enable large databases and  processor demanding applications.  IP64 durable sealing protects against dust and liquids.  The WiFi 802.11a/b/g radio connects to both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WLANs for voice and data connectivity in the office and hot spots.  Bluetooth provides a wireless connection to more devices, including bluetooth barcode scanners, modems, and printers.  Whether you need Remote Desktop, Excel Spreadsheets, Scanning, VMI, ERP, WMS, Web Browser, Inventory, Receiving, Order Picking, Signature Capture, Push To Talk, the MC65 deliver durability, longetivity, battery life, and oversight to you barcoded data collection IT infrastructure.  Shop online, call, or email if you need assistance with finding the right MC65 wireless scanner for you!

CPU: MSM Qualcomm 7627@ 600 MHz (multi-processor architecture)
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ 6.5 Professional
Memory: 256 MB RAM/1 GB Flash or 512 MB RAM/1 GB Flash
Barcode Scanner: 2D Imager Engine SE4500-SR
Display: Color 3.5” VGA with backlight, 65K colors, 480 W x 640 L
Touch Panel: Glass analog resistive touch
Backlight: LED backlight
Battery Pack: Rechargeable Lithium Ion 3.7V, 3600 mAh battery
Expansion Slot: microSD slot (supports up to 32 GB).
Notification: Audible tone plus multi-color LEDs
Keypad Options: numeric, QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, DSD or PIM
Audio: Dual microphone support with noise cancellation; vibrate alert; speaker; Bluetooth headset
Operating Temperature: -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)
Storage Temperature: -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
Charging Temperature: 0° C to 40° C (32°F to 104°F)
Humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing
Drop Specification: Multiple 6 ft. drops per MIL-STD 810G, Multiple 5 ft. drops to concrete at room temperature, Multiple 4 ft. drops to concrete across the operating temperature range
Tumble: 1,000 1.6 ft./0.5 meter tumbles at room temperature; per applicable IEC
Sealing: IP64; per applicable IEC sealing specifications
Vibration: 4g’s PK Sine (5Hz to 2KHz); 0.04g2/Hz Random (20Hz to 2KHz); 60 minute duration per axis, 3 axis
Wireless WAN Data and Voice Communication Radio: Dual 3.5G: GSM HSPA/HSUPA and CDMA EVDO Rev A
Wireless LAN Data and Voice Communication Radio: Tri-mode IEEE® 802.11a/b/g
Security: WPA2 (Personal or Enterprise); 802.1x; EAP-TLS; TTLS (CHAP, MS-CHAP, MS-CHAPv2, PAP or MD5); PEAP (TLS, MSCHAPv2, EAP-GTC); LEAP, EAP-FAST (TLS, MS-CHAPv2, EAP-GTC)
Wireless PAN Data and Voice Communication Radio: Bluetooth Class II, v2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate (EDR); integrated antenna
GPS: Integrated stand-alone or Assisted-GPS (A-GPS).
Imaging Decode Capability: Code 39 Code 128 Code 93 Codabar Code 11 Interleaved 2 of 5 Discrete 2 of 5 MSI EAN-8 EAN-13 UPCA UPCE UPC/EAN supplementals Coupon Code Trioptic 39 Webcode TLC39 Composite AB Composite C Micro PDF-417 PDF-417
Macro PDF-417 (Macro) Micro PDF-417 QR Code Data Matrix Maxi Code US Postnet US Planet UK 4-state Australian 4-state Canadian 4-state Japanese 4-state Dutch Kix Chinese 2 of 5 USPS 4-state (US4CB) Aztec microQR GS1 DataBar GS1 DataBar Truncated GS1 DataBar Limited GS1 DataBar Stacked GS1 DataBar Expanded GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked GS1 DataBar Stacked Omni.

Product Configuration Part Number Guide: MC65                

WLAN Radio Option: MC65?X-XXXXXXXXXXX        
9 = WiFi 802.11a/b/g        
Cell Radio Option: MC65X?-XXXXXXXXXXX        
B = HSUPA + CDMA EVDO         
Form Factor: MC65XX-?XXXXXXXXXX        
P = Ruggedized Handheld        
Barcode Scanner: MC65XX-X?XXXXXXXXX        
B = 2D Imager (SE4500)
D = 2D Imager (SE4500) + 3.2MP Camera
H = 2D Imager (SE4500 Driver's License Parsing) + 3.2MP Camera        
WAN Carrier: MC65XX-XX?XXXXXXXX        
0 = No WWAN Carrier (Wireless Wide Area Network)
V = Vivo Carrier            
Operating System: MC65XX-XXX?XXXXXXX        
B = Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional (WEH 6.5)        
Language: MC65XX-XXXX?XXXXXX        
A = English
F = French
G = German
P = Portuguese        
Keypad & Display: MC65XX-XXXXX?XXXXX        
A = QWERTY Keypad & VGA Touch Display
B = Numeric Keypad & VGA Touch Display
C = QWERTZ Keypad & VGA Touch Display
D = AZERTY Keypad & VGA Touch Display
E = PIM Keypad & VGA Touch Display
F = DSD Keypad & VGA Touch Display    
Memory: MC65XX-XXXXXX???XX        
001 = 256MB/1GB + GPS
002 = 512MB/1GB + GPS        
Custom: MC65XX-XXXXXXXX??        
00 = None

Below are examples of component failures that are covered under the warranty provided only by Limitations apply.
Failures caused by employee-inflicted physical damage, including wear-&-tear, are not covered. Manufacturer's warranty and support not included. Refurbishment process may include third party parts.

  • - If device is stuck in boot screen.
  • - If device will not power up.
  • - Failed Ribbon Flex.
  • - Failed Barcode Scanner.
  • - Failed Touch-Screen.
  • - Failed Keypad, Keypad Buttons, or Trigger Buttons
  • - Failed Storage Card Slot.
  • - Failed USB Cable.
  • - Failed ability to detect Wifi Networks in-range (Wifi Adapter Unavailable Error)
  • - Failure to Charge.
  • - Failure to USB Communicate.


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