LS4278 Bluetooth Scanner (Cradle Assembly Included)

Condition : Professionally Refurbished + New Battery
Spec : (LS4278 Barcode Scanner Wireless Bluetooth, Plug-&-Play, 1D Laser Commercial Grade Barcode Scanner, Cradle, Powered USB Cable, Color: White)
Includes : x1 Scanner  / x1 Base / x1 Battery / x1 USB Cable.
Warranty : 6-Month Depot Warranty + Tech Support.
Compatiblity :  To any device with USB port, through Charging/Bluetooth Cradle.
Direct Connect Compatibility : Windows, Android.

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Motorola LS4278 Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Bundle


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Symbol LS4278 Cordless General Purpose Bar Code Scanner

Integrated Bluetooth
Ensures secure wireless transmission of data.

Multi-line rastering scan pattern
Eliminates the need for exact aim and positioning.

Remote scanner management (RSM)
Allows users to discover, provision and upgrade devices from a central remote location.

Long-life industrial charging contacts
Yield reliable performance, rated to 250,000 insertions.

Patented, single circuit-board
Eliminating a major source of vulnerability and keeps down operating costs.

Wide working range
Reads good- and poor-quality bar codes at similar ranges, reducing the need for extra scanning movement.

Superior motion tolerance
Eliminates the need to pause between scans.

Tough design
Withstands 5-ft/1.5-m drops onto concrete, reducing downtime from breakage.

Powered through host cable
Simplifies installation by eliminating the need for a power supply.

Plug-and-play and universal cable
Enables Rapid deployment and versatility within any computing environment.

Multi point-to-point
Allows use of up to three scanners with a single cradle.

Vertical or horizontal mounting 
Adapts to your environment.


The Symbol LS4278 is also known as Motorola LS4278, Symbol LS 4278, Motorola LS-4278, Symbol LS4278, Motorola LS4278, Symbol LS 4278, Motorola LS 4278, LS4278, LS 4278, LS4208-SR20001ZZR, LS4208-SR20007ZZR, LS4278-SR20001ZZWW, LS4278-SR20001ZZWR, LS4278-SR20007ZZWW, LS4278-SR20007ZZWR. Motorola LS4278. Cordless freedom improves productivity and protects profitability. Motorola's cordless Symbol LS4278 provides superior bar code scanning. Motorola Symbol ls4278 scanner 1D Barcode Laser Bluetooth Wireless - Zebra Motorola Ls4278 Corldess Scanner Ls4278-Sr20001zzwr, LS4278-SR20007ZZWR Plug and Play for rapid deployment - LS4278-TRWU0100ZWR bar code reader

List of Warranty Covered Defects :

Include, but not entirely limited to (because we’ve seen stranger things over the years)

  • - If device is stuck in boot screen.
  • - If device will not power up.
  • - Failed Ribbon Flex.
  • - Failed Barcode Scanner.
  • - Failed Touch-Screen.
  • - Failed Keypad, Keypad Buttons, or Trigger Buttons
  • - Failed Storage Card Slot.
  • - Failed USB Cable.
  • - Failed ability to detect Wifi Networks in-range (Wifi Adapter Unavailable Error)
  • - Failure to Charge.
  • - Failure to USB Communicate.


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